About Casablue Fashion

Who is Casablue Fashion? 

Here is a story of two marketing students, who became Fashion E-commerce. This idea was born one day in which they had to present a project which had to be something real and they had to employ it in everyday life to be able to graduate. In search of so many absurd ideas, they began to make a gap analysis of the market that was being implemented the most during the time of the pandemic, and they thought of creating a clothing brand which would identify women in all their aspects, and they decided to call it CASABLUE FASHION and design women’s clothing, which would be sold online. Casa blue fashion is about luxury affordable fashion with unlimited potential. It is a unique shopping website focuses on women’s fashion including accessories shoes bags and more. We aim to inspire women to be confident encourage them to be individuals and helping them to create their own fashion style with  our unique styles and designs  

Why the name Casablue Fashion? 

‘Casablue Fashion is women refuge’, The word CASA comes from Latin, meaning a place where the people can find the refuge and can be their self, and BLUE is Fresh, versatile, serene, and relaxing. In all its chromatic variants, blue illuminates any room or corner of the house and brings us that pleasant sensation of being under the sky or next to the sea. FASHION is  a garment in such a style always wears the latest fashions. Our name CASABLUE FASHION was creative because with fix all this meaning  thinking is how our women can find refused in our designed and can be their self with, showing of the word how powerful, unique and authentic we are and how fashionable we can look with a simple cloth. 

Who is the Casablue Fashion girl? 

The Casablue Fashion girl is powerful, unique and authentic. Our girls are the most creative and who knows how to take the word in their hands and combine simplest objects to look wonderful and show their best version and taking the way to express their self to others. 

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